Supply and Fit offer for new shipment of Ottoman Empire Oak. 2 projects only, 100m2+ orders @ £205m2 plus VAT. NOW SAVE £174.


  • Mixed Width Hardwood Floors

    Here is a simple and very effective floor laying method used to create the illusion of a truly old and original hardwood floor. We have stock piles of character grade oak ranging from 140-300 mm wide, a perfect selection for a perfect old, wooden floor. Last century laying Oak and Elm boards in such a way was common, sadly today most wood floors remain too too uniform and lots of the character stripped away.

    We say, ‘Say NO to plastic floors. Say NO to horrid glossy finishes.’

    We love trees, we love wood, we love wood to look like wood. We invite you to invite nature into your home with a characterful, mixed width hardwood floor.