2017 Garden Ideas

2017 Garden Ideas

4th September 2017

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2017 Garden Ideas

4th September 2017

When it comes to interior design and lifestyle, the indoors are equally as important as the outdoors.

A garden doesn’t always have to be totally made over. Just changing a feature or making something of a blank space makes all the difference.

Clever use of garden features; from paving to outdoor entertaining area and textured plants, can take your outdoors from boring to breathtaking.

Below are a few ideas on how to decorate it like you would any other room and make it feel more like an open-air living area.

Not Just Plant Pots

Urms and pots can be used for so much more than planting up with colour and greenery, but as focal points, garden art and even water features.

An oversized pot can be an alternative to a sculpture and can give your yard a big boost of style.

It will draw the eye in and make the space visually interesting.

Scale is crucial – small pots tend to get lost in the landscape hence it’s better to go with a large container that’ll make a real statement.

These can be positioned on the terrace, under an archway in the garden or to highlight the entrance to a stairway, path or doorway.

For night-light enjoyment, install lighting; pots light up beautifully at night, their shape and form shown off against the dark backdrop of plants or walls.

An Outdoor Living Area

There is nothing quite like an outdoor dining and entertaining area especially during the warm season.

An outdoor kitchen is ideal for hosting family and friends and a great extension to your indoor kitchen space.

With a well-equipped kitchen appliances installation and an outdoor bar – you are ready to indulge in Sunday barbeques with loved ones.

Design a counter with a built-in storage underneath for charcoal, wood and stool.

Show off both new and old outdoor furniture.

For a more protected look, a steel-frame pergola can be used to shade the bar and braai area; with its wooden slats fitted with downlights to provide soft lighting in the evenings.

Adorn this area with stylish sun loungers or if you have the luxury of space, a built-in seating embellished with stone cladding is equally fantastic.

Balcony Update for City Dwellers

For city dwellers that have no luxury of a big yard, worry not – a simple inner city balcony can be transformed into a lovely and enjoyable outdoor space.

With just the right furniture, a few plants or a scatter of colour can make your outdoor balcony have the neighbors peering over in no time.

Opt for a vertical garden which you could easily craft from wooden pallets.

Greenery needs a lot of sunlight so it makes perfect sense to grow it on the balcony.

Once the planter is set, mix up seasonal delights, parsley, herbs that you usually use in the kitchen.

Selecting the perfect flooring can improve the feel and look of your small balcony and turn it from a boring into a more enjoyable space in your home.

If you have a roofed balcony, wooden deck would be the best option.

Not only does it look natural and classy, the smell of wood also adds an extra touch in the balcony.

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