New & Reclaimed

New Wood

Selectively sourced, our flooring is made from mountain European oak, which is a slower grown species because of the rocky soils with less water content. 

Slower grown oak has a tighter grain and produces a more stable wood structure. Perfect for high traffic zones and our hand-made and custom finishes due to its significant amount of tannin.

Mountain European Oak is specific to The Reclaimed Flooring Co and we use this prized oak for both our solid and our engineered range of flooring.

For extra peace of mind, we plant 1 tree for every 10m2 you buy.


Reclaimed Wood

As the Reclaimed Flooring Company, we have expanded our Reclaimed collection throughout the last 10 years. Achieving the most unique and beautiful set of Reclaimed European pieces, not to be found anywhere else.

We have over 50 Reclaimed treasures with their own character and history, and we invite you to discover them all.