Bring 5 Star Luxury to Your Bathroom

Bring 5 Star Luxury to Your Bathroom

25th September 2017

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Bring 5 Star Luxury to Your Bathroom

25th September 2017

Being one of the most used spaces in the home, it’s no surprise that bathroom design is now receiving the ultimate feel of luxury and sophisticated flair it deserves.

Transforming your bathroom from a sterile and uninviting space into a rebranded sanctuary is all about “setting the mood” for you to unwind, indulge and relax.

Switching up a few elements; from light fixtures to sculpted fittings can turn up the luxury factor and get you your dreamy bathroom.

Capture that timeless signature luxury that most hotel designs possess by simply changing your wall colour. Selecting the right wall colour creates a calm, soothing and relaxed atmosphere and helps reduce stress and anxiety.

Cooler hues such as shades of grey, sea glass blue, heather lavender and fern green inject glamour to a typically cold and cramped space. Alternatively, selecting wallpaper can lift any room instantly and add more style and intrigue.

It’s all about making your space feel and look more expensive and sophisticated. Adding bathroom accessories in complementing colours can make it appear more opulent and elegant. Ideally,

Bathrooms like those in hotels, whether big or small, are known to offer a clutter free ambience. Keeping your bathroom mess-free and orderly instantly makes it look luxurious.

It is important to know the difference between good and bad clutter. Good clutter is perfectly displayed accessories on shelves and having a few pieces of art on the wall.

Modern bathroom designs offer unique sink installation that can elevate your bathroom design from a dull space into a form of art while providing basic storage function. By simply switching your sink for a trendy one really anchors the entire room and transforms your space.


Lighting is important and crucial but often an afterthought when designing or remodelling an interior space. With bathrooms becoming more elaborate, it is ideal to cater for everyday activities such as applying makeup, waxing and shaving.

A luxurious bathroom is always well-lit to help you ease into a cosy, relaxed and uninterrupted bath. Rethinking your lighting can accentuate space and light fixtures act as an attractive feature.

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A simply styled chandelier looks stunning in a clean white bathroom and makes a good focal point. Alternatively, a double mirror can get a fancy update with the addition of backlighting.

Illuminated mirrors are ideal in the area where you get ready in the morning and the softness works well for an evening relaxing soak in the tub.

1. AS Creation Forest Pattern Wod Tree Metallic Pearl Motif Embossed Wallpaper (I Want Wallpaper) £19.99 / 2. Luxdeco Garbo Rectangular Pouf (Luxdeco) £1,440 / 3. Dorma Biscotti Silk Towel (Dunelm) £30 / 4. Round Laundry Bin (Marks & Spencer) £90 / 5. Deep Bloom Arrangement (Marks & Spencer) £45 / 6. Wedgewood John Rocha Signature Bowls (House of Fraser) £135 / 7. Aerin Seafoam Shagreen (Luxdeco) £330 / 8. XVL Home Collection Aqua Chest of Drawers (Houseology) £756 / 9. Wireworks Slimline Cabinet 550 (Houseology) £252 / 10. Décor Walther Bathroom Accessory Set (Luxdeco) £335 / 11. Shell Candle Stick (Made In Design) £51 / 12. Courtly Check Mirror (Amara) £151 / 13. Wireworks Arena Revolve (Houseology) £447 / 14. Grapefruit & Ginger Ultimate Gift Set (Marks & Spencer) £25 / 15. French Carriage (Reclaimed Flooring Co) £86 / 16. Wireworks Round Caddy 3 Tray Mezza (Houseology) £142.50 / 17. La Lampe Gras – DCW 304 Bathroom Wall Lamp (Houseology) £272 / 18. Hexagonal Shelf Mirror (Marks & Spencer) £149 / 19. Eichholts Salasco Chandelier Nickel (Houseology) £1,195 / 20. Bangle Vase – Blueberry – 30cm (Amara) £75 / 21. Riviere Hand Woven Leather Tissue Box (Luxdeco) £230 22. Volet Hook – Set of 2 – Champagne (Amara) £19 / 23. Bamboo Laundry Basket (Amara) £113

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