Crafting a Handsome Gentlemen’s Club

Crafting a Handsome Gentlemen’s Club

13th November 2017

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Crafting a Handsome Gentlemen’s Club

13th November 2017

Gentlemen’s clubs were first established in the West End of London in the eighteenth century.

These are usually enclaves for men to gather and conduct business or socialize – often over a meal or a few drinks, play parlour games and sometimes retreat for the night.

There are several elements that come to mind that make for a perfectly crafted gentlemen’s club; dark wood paneling, books, rich upholstery, a fireplace, big leather chairs, dim lights and perhaps an animal’s head or two affixed to the wall.

Often characterized by unapologetic masculinity, the room decor carries an air of privacy, simplicity and sophistication.

We have curated mood boards to inspire your own handsome space that will have you thinking of creating a gentleman’s retreat.

It’s all in the Details

When it comes to interior, gentlemen’s clubs are like their fashion counterpart – it’s all about unsurpassable refinement, excellent craftsmanship and a combination of tradition and modern trends.

It takes itself less seriously, sports a noticeable lack of stuffiness and channels unabashed confidence. From wall-mounted shelves to create a library feel, to artfully displayed art and accessories.

For instance, conversation-style seating arrangement with a masculine backdrop, a few books and whisky display detailing sets the tone for a handsome room.



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It’s about getting the right balance and blend of traditional and modern. The design embraces dark, saturated colours; clean lines; a rugged mix of materials; and an absence of clutter.

However, opt for accent with contrasting shades of white, camel, crimson, and/or sapphire blue to keep the room from feeling overwhelmingly dark.

Warm, atmospheric lighting is crucial; it should come from table and floor lamps and wall sconces rather than ceiling fixtures.

Masculine Décor Elements

Décor details are resolutely masculine; comfortable dark room colours, simple lines, strong materials, brutal details, comfort and functionality.

The details include – plenty of dark polished wood, a battered leather chair or Chesterfield sofa, cool lighting, interesting accessories such as patterned or coloured cushions or rugs that add interest to more soberly coloured furniture, tastefully framed pop art prints or original vintage posters, a good selection of coffee table books that reflect your interests and a few ultra-modern gadgets and boys’ toys.

When dark wood floor covering is used, it visually anchors the space while drawing the eye from the floor up to the ceiling.

Space should be the right kind of sexiness as if channelling the glamour of a bygone era and updating it for today.

Make it Personal

Inject visual interest and a sense of adventure by mixing vintage finds with custom pieces that are timeless. Adding character and personality to a room makes it look unique and appealing.

For a personal touch, you can display photos of travel and artwork but the frames should feature few or no embellishments; personal artifacts like diplomas and trophies.

If you want to pick a theme for the room, there are several options to choose from.

For example, try making the room look like a hunter’s cabin. Coziness, given a playful and contemporary twist, is really the hallmark of the gentlemen’s club.

People travel more than ever and lead very fast-paced lives, so having that space to relax in and escape remains important than ever.

The idea is to create a space that feels warm and inviting while offering a downtown sanctuary.

1. Dom Edizioni Dada Armchair (Luxdeco) £2,240 / 2. Davidson Grafton Bar Stool (Luxdeco) £4,435 / 3. Companion Set – Brown/Dark grey (Amara) £438 / 4. Constanine Table Lamp (Amara) £595 / 5. Franconi Sideboard (Oka) £1,385 / 6. Cornamenta Multiple Candle Holder (Oka) £26 / 7. Migale Cushion Cover, Small (Oka) £48 / 8. Painted: Two Layer & Bespoke (Reclaimed Flooring Co) £105 / 9. Bolia Vitro Side Table Marble Top Steel Base (Houseology) £483 / 10. Jadis Wine Rack (Oka) £156 / 11. Shipwrecked (Reclaimed Flooring Co) £104 / 12. Halo Earle Aniline Leather Chesterfield Grand 4 Seater Sofe, Napinha Camel (John Lewis) £2,299 / 13. Eichholts Stags Head – Set of 2 (Houseology) £259 / 14. Authentic Models Oxford Varsity Coat Stand (Houseology) £287 / 15. Eichholtz Divani Objects Set of 3 (Houseology) £295 / 16. Eichholtz Atlantic Lamp (Luxdeco) £1,100 / 17. Library Bookshelf with Ladder Chrome (Houseology) £3,449 / 18. Moooi Frame (Houseology) £2,117 / 19. Graham & Brown Metallic Cogsworth Metal Art (Debenhams) £55 / 20. Silver Rhino Head (Lionhard Boutique) £115.50 / 21. Aimee Del Valle – Domie Framed Print, 107 x 52cm (John Lewis) £130 / 22. Penfold Ottoman, Ocean Blue (Swoon Editions) £229

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