Crafting the Perfect White Décor

Crafting the Perfect White Décor

5th July 2017

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Crafting the Perfect White Décor

5th July 2017

Regardless of the latest trends in colour, the classic all white décor is perfectly timeless.

It never goes out of fashion and works really well with almost any style. Although it may feel cold and sterile to some, when done right, it is a style that can appear dramatic and bold.

There is no denying that this décor style exudes elegance and sophistication and with the right crafting, it’s a style that remains relevant today as it did yesterday.

Below we’ve summed up ways to reinvent this forever-in-style trend that’s super chic and anything but boring.

Work with Accent Colours

Without a doubt, white décor is an iconic and timeless look, and yet it can fall flat and make the space look and feel dull. However, there are so many advantages of having a white backdrop as it allows you can switch between accent colours with so much ease.

Colour plays a huge role in evoking mood and ambience in a way that is immediate and impactful. Take for example how a statement piece of furniture or bold colourful fabrics can instantly transform a white canvas.

Interior design is all about telling a story and how well you translate that story into your own home. It’s about bringing in your own personal taste and style and making it work in your day to day living.


A splash of accent pillows and curtains shines through in an unhindered fashion when working with a white backdrop.

A white palette is also popular with modern bathrooms; inject a few accent accessories of daring hot pink or refreshing aqua to make a lasting visual impact and create an entirely different atmosphere.

Metal Accents do the Trick

It’s amazing how sometimes the smallest and simplest things make the greatest impact.

Adding a few touches of metal can soften and add interest to a white décor. It could be a mirror with a striking and shimmering metal frame, a bold and hefty light fixture in an all white kitchen or even a reflective silver console table in the entryway.

However, too much metal chaos may create unnecessary drama and your home could end up feeling like a hall of mirrors.

One of the nicest things about introducing metal elements into your white decor is how well it blends in and adds character and depth to what would rather feel like a cold space.

Select decorative accessories that stand out and bring a glamorous shine into a modern interior.

The Beauty in Plants

Well curated easy-care indoor plants make perfect decorative accents and add a spring of freshness into a white home décor.

When grouped in an attractive arrangement, they act as a gorgeous centerpiece to a white backdrop. A splash of green color bring amazing shapes and leaves home décor feeling natural and pleasant.

You can use decorative vases in subtle colors or unique planters to add personality and soften this monochromatic style.

A perfect way to bring tranquility while leaving your home décor looking and feeling refreshed and organic. Choose moisture loving indoor plants for the kitchen and bathroom to enhance eco-friendly home decorating.

Picture the beauty of a groomed fern tucked beautifully in a pretty clear glass pot.

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