Creating an Unconventional Office Space

Creating an Unconventional Office Space

26th November 2017

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Creating an Unconventional Office Space

26th November 2017

Environment plays a huge role in the way in which we approach our work – and the best way to live is to have a healthy work-life balance.

Workspaces need to be dynamic and embrace the idea of stimulating minds, enhancing productivity and inspiring innovation.

The way we design our space plays a significant role in employee behaviour sees an increase in prospective clients wanting to visit and linger longer than expected, and of course, attracts new employees.

Offering all the fancy perks to employees is great, but if the environment that people come to every day is drab and boring, it really doesn’t do much.

From lighting to material finishes and even colour choices; all these contribute to a fun, soothing and inspiring workspace. In short, you want and enjoy going to your office!

The Perfect Ambient Lighting

Considered the number one design detail for happiness, good lighting is highly recommended in an office.

When the office is too harshly lit it can diminish concentration and can contribute to ill-health such as headaches, fatigue, stress, and irritability.

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People are already staring at bright computer screens all day and don’t require as much direct lighting, hence using home-style lamps lends a friendly ambience.

Use home-like table or floor lamps to offer a feeling of comfort, because our minds are accustomed to that type of light. Good selection of lighting often creates a space that feels open, spacious, welcoming and relaxing.

The Right Choice of Colour

Colours play a huge role in human psychology as they elicit emotional and physical responses from people who are exposed to them for extended periods of time.

It is vital to consider this when planning out a space and picking out colours based on the tasks being performed in the office.

For instance, yellow stimulates clarity of thought, creativity and mental activity – making it an excellent colour for an office environment.

It also promotes discipline, friendliness which is crucial when working with different people. It is suitable to use for entrance halls because its resemblance to solar energy gives strength.

On the other hand blue suits offices where trust and calm is important, such as where interviews or sessions are held.

Blue is the colour of relaxation and peace, making it a great colour for offices that are used for writing.

Plants are also a key element, but no longer in boring planter, instead we see vertical gardens which have become popular and unusual containers that look like sculptures.

Bringing the outdoors indoors isn’t just refreshing, but also adds a much needed soothing colour palette to the space.

Personalized Office Spaces

Personalizing office environment to make workers feel at home is the number one design strategy used to relax and avoid anxiety.

This ultimately results in a positive attitude towards work. Perhaps you want your office to feel almost residential, designed to allow you to work comfortably and make use of the space as you would in your own home.

Modifying spaces for gathering, creating and sharing an understanding of one another can highly profit a company.

Shapes and texture are intriguing and add style and character to design. Texture can stimulate emotions, create a feeling of warmth and harmony and can provide sensual pleasure.

It can be found in the flooring, walls, fabrics, draperies, furnishings, etc. Patterns with geometric shapes will give the space a contemporary look, those with checks will give it a casual look, while those with tapestries or paisleys will give the room a more formal look and fabrics with a light airy pattern such as florals will give a room a more airy, open and casual look.

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