Decor Starter Essentials for your Dream Home

Decor Starter Essentials for your Dream Home

9th October 2017

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Decor Starter Essentials for your Dream Home

9th October 2017

Decor Starter Essentials for your Dream Home

As it is usually said, Rome was not built in a day; so if you want a beautiful dream house you have to be persistent till the very end and beat the many challenges you will be faced with.

When getting a new house either built from scratch or revamped, we often have the highest of hopes and the biggest of wishes for this exciting new space – with a sense that anything is possible.

However, setting up your dream home takes time as well as a solid foundation of practical must-haves and pieces that make you super excited. We have curated three items that will get you started out on the right foot to build your dream home.

A Versatile Sofa


The versatile sofa is one of the best inventions in modern décor and a common sight in homes these days. The sleeper sofa or sofa bed as commonly known have been and will always be the “in-thing”.

They integrate different elements into one making them very versatile and sit seamlessly well with any interior style.

The sofa bed is ideal for both small and large spaces, as it provides a middle solution between a day couch and a regular bed making it the best furniture piece to have in your lounge or entertainment room.

It gives you the luxury and comfort to lounge and relax as you please while watching TV, giving you the best of both worlds. A definite must-have when setting up your new place in need of comfort.

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The way the sofa bed is styled is the first thing that grabs your attention. It helps you build your living room around it; letting its colour and aesthetic dictate the rest of the space.

Due to variation in styles and designs, sacrificing the beauty of your space should be the least of your worries. For example, if you have a contemporary styled home, you will easily find a huge variety in contemporary designed sofa beds to match; from colour, to material as well as size.

Same thing applies to other interior styles such a minimalist, industrial, retro etc. Lucky enough, the different use of materials allows for different choices; for instance, a leather sofa bed looks sophisticated and ultramodern.

For a family with children, rest assured that cleaning away spillages on a leather sofa wouldn’t be such a daunting task.

A Stunning Kitchen Island

A kitchen island is a first-class investment and the right kind of boost needed when building up your dream home. It is a décor essential that visually anchors in the kitchen, and increases the room’s functionality and efficiency.

With emerging kitchen designs, we see less of the typical island; dining and counter space, and more customized built-in features like storage for wine bottles and cookbooks.

Tweak it to your taste and style and bring in practicality, colour and character into the design scheme. What we love about the kitchen island is how it can easily suit your day to day needs.

There are endless options like one that incorporates a pullout or rolling cabinet to use as a workstation, or a simple storage for kids toys which allows one to watch them play while preparing a meal in the kitchen.

A stylish Bedroom Set

Keeping the bedroom interior simple allows one to display a show-stopping decorative piece and sets the tone for your bedroom decor.

Low profile beds are currently having a moment in home décor solely because their low height structure makes the room look modern and spacious than it really is. Note that, the key is to make sure your bed is the focal point in the room.

Instead of being distracted by other large furniture, let your bed take the centre stage, enticing you to comfort and warmth. The bedroom will instantly appear less bulky but rather softer and more relaxed.

A simple table lamp and bedside cabinet, which also provides additional storage, makes the look more appealing.

If the space in your room allows, bedroom sets that include a dresser offer more storage. Not only does the furniture look good, it has to serve a purpose as well.

Sometimes all you need is a clutter free and organized bedroom, and your furniture should be able to offer you such functionality

1.Lux Fabric Sofa Bed (Furniture Village) £449 / 2. Hand-Finished Heritage Oak Planks (Reclaimed Flooring Co) £195 / 3. Adelene Kacie Coffee Table (Swoon Editions) £399 / 4. Habufa Piura Bookcase (Furniture Village) £799 / 5. Heathfield & Co Freddi Floor Lamp Smoke (Houseology) £1,205 / 6. Bouquet Cushion (Furniture Village) £69 / 7. Angels Wings Silver (Furniture Village) £219 / 8. Dutchbone Drop Pendant Lamp (Houseology) £129 / 9. Riviera Maison Beecham Counter Stool (Houseology) £198 / 10. Frasier Breakfast Bar (Wayfair) £659.99 / 11. Wild Poppy in Ceramic Vase (Marks & Spencer) £29.50  / 12. Wheat Wine Rest (Amara) £108 / 13. Day Brasswire Basket (Amara) £119 / 14. Beach Bone (Reclaimed Flooring Co) £82 / 15. Harvey Upholstered Bed, Emerald (Swoon Edition) £849 / 16. L’Object Cenote Bowl (Luxdeco) £350 / 17. Hand Made French Oak Panels (Reclaimed Flooring Co) £285 / 18. TS Coffee Table (Made by Design) £429  / 19. Designers Guild Traliccio Peony Throw (Houseology) £125 / 20. Marius Chest of Drawers (Made by Design) £1,330 / 21. Diane James Gloriosa & Lilies Tall Bouquet (Luxdeco) £645

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