Incorporate Contemporary Design into your Home

Incorporate Contemporary Design into your Home

2nd October 2017

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Incorporate Contemporary Design into your Home

2nd October 2017

Contemporary interior design demonstrates clean lines and smooth surfaces – highlighting architectural features of the home and creating a bright, comfortable and livable atmosphere.

The idea in contemporary design is to show unique taste, originality and reasonable luxury resulting in a home that is spacious and welcoming.

The design is multifunctional and flexible; offering an ideal space that addresses all critical elements, from room colours and finishing materials to furniture and decorations. So how do we then incorporate a contemporary look within our homes?

Subtle Colours with Accents

Contemporary interiors typically features neutral colours; relying heavily on shades of brown, taupe, cream or pure white. Neutral colours don’t always mean boring or monotonous.

Be creative and spice up your interior with shots of colour on a single wall, bold coloured furniture, striking ornaments, lighting fixtures or a special piece of art which can also act as a focal point to add more visual interest.

An open and airy space is the bedrock upon which contemporary design lies – and the choice of colour has an influence in creating such an environment.

It allows a smooth transition from one room to another, creating a space that is fresh, inviting and unpretentious. For example, the combination of the living room and dining room is suitable for hosting friends and family.

Transform your home into an elegant and simplistic sanctuary by focusing on the colours and textures for every element that you choose to give it an individual character.

Natural Materials Indoors and Outdoors

Contemporary design embraces a balanced use of natural materials, and their appeal is undeniable. They usher a new wave of style – architectural and interior design projects continue to celebrate wood, metal and stone surfaces.

For instance, wood is a material that transcends design styles and can be easily integrated into any room. Some of today’s most interesting decor finds showcase wood in all of its natural flair.

The choice of natural materials and its use really is endless; with options ranging from leather, cotton, wool, natural linen, slate and stone.

Instead of organic material being reserved for just the interior, they can also play a huge role in the exterior to inject a sophisticated feel. These can be seen in patios as decorative accents and decking outside.

Go big and make a statement with unique leather furniture, use large wooden flowerpots, shelves, picture frames, end tables and floor lighting.

The key to an effective contemporary design is to be consistent while keeping it simple and clutter free.

Effortless Lighting

Lighting is one of the most overlooked and yet important elements in contemporary design. It is essential in creating the mood and ambience of the living space, even with visually heavy details, such as wood beamed ceiling.

Large windows, skylights, floor to ceiling panorama windows not only allow nature to play a key role in the inside room’s colour palette but also allows an abundant flow of natural light to every corner of the room.

To incorporate contemporary style, choose the right floor plan that allows for easy flow of natural light.

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Recessed or track lights are very popular in contemporary design due to their functionality. They highlight elements such as wall art and other visually intriguing accessories.

Alternatively, you can opt for floor and table lamps with straight lines and sleek metallic finishes for a more sophisticated flair.

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