Grades Explained

Grades Explained

International Wood Grading Criteria

Unlike many other wood flooring companies, one of the advantages of dealing with RFC for commercial or domestic oak flooring specification is that we know where our timber is sourced. In fact, we have been working with the same sawmill for the past 10 years, this means that we are familiar with a particular grading system which wouldn’t be possible if we sourced new wood from all over the world.

However, please be aware that most grading is selected by eye, there is always scope for the occasional board to fall outside of these parameters. For all these reasons, RFC cannot accept the rejection of an entire order or an entire floor because of the occasional board. Wood is a natural product, each piece is as original and unique as our own fingerprints, these parameters should be taken simply as an indication, given in good faith and to the best of our current knowledge.

We strongly advise that a floor is fitted only by a certified and competent floor fitter, who will, as a matter of course, removed any defects within the normal cutting allowance and in many ways way tailor the floor fit to the clients needs. A floor is only complete once fitted and a continuation of the grading process is also within the fit, as knots can be removed and boards moved around to suit the particular space. We cannot accept the rejection of any floor once it has been laid.

Engineered & Solid

Our engineered stock is mostly sold as character A/B grade. This means that there will be occasionally a knot up to a max of between 4-6cm which is very rare, mostly the occasional knot is closer to 1-3cm.

It’s worth noting that because of the nature of machining the engineered boards and the fine slicing of timbers, the raw oak cannot be too rustic with too many big knots. These knots tend to fall out when cutting, so creating too much waste and wood deterioration, in production, it is better to use a slightly higher grade of extreme character A/B for engineered than for solid.

Castle Oak

These oak boards are made from a grade that is more rustic than our regular character oak flooring. Cracks, openings, knots all become a part of the charm of the floor when fitted and finished correctly. If a cleaner grade is required we recommend that the client order a good deal more than that actual floor space, this way the floor can be graded on site and knots or shakes can be cut away as the client desires.

Natural Dried

These are our most expensive new, solid oak floors. This oak has been especially air dried for longer, machined and wire brushed to create an authentic floor surface with texture and undulation. The grade of oak is a higher grade when compared to our usual character oak, there will be knots and shakes but they are smaller.