A Little Haven with Style: Baby Nursery

A Little Haven with Style: Baby Nursery

27th October 2017

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A Little Haven with Style: Baby Nursery

27th October 2017

Designing a baby’s nursery is equally important as designing any other room in your home. It should be an exciting experience for any parent; however, the task can be pretty overwhelming.

With endless decisions to make from the choice of colours to baby storage and accommodating a growing collection of toys – this can be quite a challenge.

It’s a process that requires extra patience and creativity in order to transform an ordinary room into a baby sanctuary.

But believe it or not, creating a space for your family’s newcomer is quite easy and fun. Below are a few tips and inspirational mood boards to get you started.

Select your Colour Scheme Wisely

How much of neutrals should I use, do I need more bright colours, will there be enough stimulation; these are some of the few questions you will be faced with when selecting a colour scheme for your nursery.

When picking out colours, it’s usually a personal preference, but a necessary finishing touch as well. The baby’s nursery should reflect your unique style and provide a place where the baby can feel happy and calm.

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Choosing the wrong colours can leave the room looking dull while the right colour can enhance the look and feel of the nursery.

Colours also do affect the human body and mind and it’s wise to take that into consideration. For example, green is refreshing and tranquil making it a perfect background for a retro style nursery while warm colours usually stimulate the mind and make a large space feel cozy.

Most people tend to go for pastels with whimsical patterns for nurseries because they are calm and perfect for over-stimulated baby. Opt for a palette of white (or off-whites), grey and black for a soothing and relaxed feel that works well for both masculine and feminine themes.

Choose Adaptable Furniture

The crib is the centerpiece and should be your investment piece in your baby’s’ nursery. The crib can form the focal point of the room and add character with its shape, style and finish.

This piece of furniture can simply make a room stand out and elaborate how you arrange the rest of the space. You may be thinking this is a temporary item and not worth the expense, but your child will probably sleep there until age 2 or 3.

Because this is one of those items that you frequently use, it should have the most influence on the room’s style and traffic flow.

It is crucial to remember that your baby won’t be a baby forever, so look for features that grow with your child: this may be height, adjustable mattress with an ability to convert into a toddler bed or even a single bed or sofa.

Also, if you’re planning to have more kids done the line, a sturdy crib can last and save your dollars.  Consider matching finishes with the rest of the furniture to tie the look together.

If space for storage is an issue, select a crib with built-in drawers for baby bedding or supplies.

The Right Storage

Creating a comfortable environment is essential and any space can look neat and modern with the right storage.

Making use of every available space in the nursery is important especially for small and compact spaces. From attractive and cute accents like traditional baskets and colourful plastic bins to shelving units; this improves the rooms’ functionality and appeal.

Open shelves are fantastic and can hold blankets, diapers and decorative toys. Bring an old chest of drawers into the nursery and use it for baby clothes and bedding.

To add a little fun to your décor, use colourful labels on the drawers to find items quickly.

Hooks are also stylish and easy to use for hanging items while adding a charming accent to the interior of the nursery.

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