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Engineeered American Black Walnut Versailles Panel

Engineeered American Black Walnut Versailles Panel

Price from £179 + VAT per m2 (15% off)

Perfect for Underfloor Heating Guarantee: Reclaimed Floors New Wood Engineered 100% European Manufacturing Timber Neutral Formaldehyde Free

About: Engineeered American Black Walnut Versailles Panel

The most popular parquet panel in the antique flooring world is the Parquet de Versailles. Initially a symbol of royal sovereign taste, is now synonymous with modern and timeless classic design. Our American Walnut Versailles panel is an example of the true artistry and detail work that encompasses our world-class floor finishing.

The inspiration for these panels comes from France but we’ve added an American twist! Made from American Walnut, the Versailles Panels look phenomenal. Only the geometry of the panel could invigorate the deep and characterful colours from the Walnut in such way. The result, a masterpiece.


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Sizes & Finishes

Engineered 16mm
Est .8m2 & 1m2
Est .8m2 & 1m2
Surface Texture
Hard Wax Oil
Satin, Natural Matte

Technical Specification

USA Black Walnut (Juglans nigra)
Pr. Se.
Optional at extra cost
Commercial, Residential
Engineered 4/12mm / Micro Bevel
Micro Bevel, SE
Installation Technique
Suitable For Ufh