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Room features are areas of your room that bisect the regular shape, anything from a fireplace to an alcove. Take a look at the graphic below to get an idea of how it works.

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Handmade French Oak Herringbone – Basketweave Pattern

Handmade French Oak Herringbone – Basketweave Pattern

Price from £195 + VAT per m2

New Wood Solid 100% European Manufacturing Timber Neutral Formaldehyde Free

About: Handmade French Oak Herringbone – Basketweave Pattern

The beauty with this specialised line of  ’Aged’ oak is our ability to accurately control the texture, size, grade of each piece of wood.We can create several parquet patterns with our handmade french oak to meet your project specifications.

These boards come from naturally felled trees, chosen for their consistent characteristics and their old growth patterns, unlike today’s farmed and fast grown oak trees. These trees are cut, logged and through a rigorous process, dried, calibrated and shaped by one of our specialised craftsmen in the North of France before being shipped to the UK.