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About this project

Entering this airy, light-filled home, you’d never imagine it was once a 19th-century Victorian property.

Set within the Pimlico Conservation Area, the transformation of the five-storey townhouse into a four-bedroom family home has been a labour of love.

Guided by the owners’ wish for a home fit for the 21st century, West Port conceptualised a design that offers comfort, luxury and functionality in a modern setting.

The overall interior establishes a clever merge of classic and contemporary aesthetics — it’s clean-lined and modern but with nods to the building’s Victorian architecture.

Achieving continuity between all five levels has been a major focus of the project. In designing the interior, the designer set out to complement the architectural vision of the house with the timeless and authentic presence of Traditional White wood flooring and staircase treads. Alongside the chevron wooden floor sits a striking grey and white patterned tile finish that provides an exciting contrast to the home’s understated décor scheme.

The open living space is a contemporary take of classic luxury. For interest, the designer played with texture, such as mixing fabric upholstery with wood, glass, and metallic furnishing. In fact, the designer ensured that the living room on the lower ground opens out to the rear garden, which creates a sense of spaciousness.

When open, the doors offer a seamless and uninterrupted flow between the interior and the outdoors. Opting for chevron wood flooring throughout the living room and adjoining dining area enhance the connectivity between the spaces, further achieving the desired fluidity.


The product

To bring the space together while maintaining a subtle yet elegant atmosphere, warm neutral tones of grey, white, brown, and wood have been used throughout, which is reposeful in its simplicity and doesn’t detract from any of the prominent features of the house. Occasional pops of colour through quirky artwork, luxurious fabrics and natural finishes all contribute to the interiors’ sophisticated and homely feel.