Conservation Oak

Faster Lead Times. Engineered. Compact Sawn Oak.

Discover Conservation Oak

Conservation engineered oak offers our same high standards of European manufacturing, meeting E1 European emissions standards (Carb2 for the USA – California Air Resource Board)). We also use the very same plain cut raw material for these slender and more compact boards as we do for our heavier boards at 18mm thick and 260mm wide. Conservation Oak uses less wood, comprising of a 3mm oak top layer backed onto a 9mm substrate of the highest quality Water Proof Boiled Birch Plywood for maximum stability.

Poor quality alternatives on the market are mostly ‘veneer cut’, this is a form of mass production in China & Asia where oak logs are soaked in water baths and boiled for hours prior to 1-3mm veneers being sliced from the logs.

This process of veneer cutting has a dramatic impact on quality and consistency because these high temperatures cause dramatic colour differences between the outside and the inner of the log. The core being considerably darker to the outside and the result mixed batches of wood ranging from amber, light grey to dark brown. Consistency becomes impossible short term and long term.

We take great pride at all levels of manufacturing, our engineered platforms are never veneer cut and always ’sawn’ cut which means the logs have been sliced in the sawmill with a bandsaw for a higher quality specification.

Note: For the extra wide 220mm boards we are absorbing the usual premium for wider boards, both 185mm and 220mm wide boards retail for only £49m2 plus VAT.