Driftwood Oak Flooring

Tactile Surfaces & Weathered Colours

Discover Driftwood Oak Flooring

The Driftwood collection was inspired by stories of lost voyages, misty seas and passionate explorers. Shades of ocean greys, blacks and whites combine to create a bespoke colour range reminiscent of wood that has drifted from the far corners of the ocean, eventually stranding itself on sun baked sand and rocks. Deep, natural colour variation and a raw face texture are distinct details exclusive to the Driftwood collection available only through The Reclaimed Flooring Company. Purposefully worn, this collection encompasses a naturally weathered aesthetic representing the untamed creative spirit of the ocean. All Driftwood products display artful textures created through wire brushing techniques while still retaining a profound elegance free from ostentation. Seeking harmony with water and light Driftwood products adhere to a purity of form driven by the poetry and power of the ocean. A truly remarkable collection full of imagination, strength and enduring beauty.

Distinctive Driftwood Oak Flooring 

The UK trademarked weathered Driftwood finish for flooring from The Reclaimed Flooring Company. We are dedicated to providing our customers with flooring that boasts real character, our Storm Damaged and worn oak floorboards in this collection are no exception.

 Weathered Wall Cladding 

Natural grey oak flooring is remarkably versatile, lending itself well to both domestic and commercial properties. We are extremely proud of our Driftwood flooring and after 12 months of trialling, we’ve perfected the technique. When you require weathered oak floorboards that tell a story, our driftwood collection is guaranteed to fit the bill.

We have a wealth of experience when it comes to creating real weathered oak floorboards and flooring surfaces. We are here to help, please call in today with any questions or queries you may have.

Discover Our Inspired Designs And Surfaces 

We source only the finest raw materials to bring you world class grey wood flooring and white wood flooring designs and surfaces.  Sun Drenched, Storm Damaged or Weathered, this beautiful flooring collection has something for every natural interior space. From subtle white flecked floorboards boards to natural grey oak flooring, we have discreet and dramatic flooring designs to complement every preference.

Our colouring process has taken years to develop and is unique to this product, akin to century-old oaks. These aged tones penetrate deep into the surface and even to many antique wood flooring experts, they are unable to differentiate between these and the genuine material. This specialised oak is available in planks, panels and parquet.