Natural Modernist

The City Dweller Who Loves Nature.

Discover Natural Modernist

The Natural Modernist is the perfect collection for the modernist who loves the great outdoors as much as the city. These subtle yet striking tones create an array of natural motifs and organic hues. Whether you prefer light and airy or soft and smoked The Natural Modernist collection is the ideal complement for creating high-end sophisticated interiors with a purely natural pallet.

Why a real wooden floor?


Natural oak, naked oak, raw oak – for the wood purist in you. The importance of tree selection marks the beginning of our long and very personalised process. Selectively sourced, our flooring is made from Mountain Oak, which is a slower grown species because of the environmental rocky soils with less water content. Similar to genuine reclaimed oaks from at least the last century in Europe, slower grown oak has a tighter grain and produces a more stable wood structure. Notably mountain oak is also sourced for the production of wine and whiskey barrels because of the higher tannin content. The importance being that only with a significant amount of tannin in the wood can we create our hand-made and custom finishes.


The finest 100% solid birch ply backs our engineered oak floorboards. We harmoniously match the same specific weight per m3 with our Mountain Oak top layers and our solid Birch Ply base. The acoustic values for both sections of the board match to produce the same high quality sound when walked upon which is equal to our traditional solid oak floorboards.

Our brand of Birch Ply is WBP – Water Boiled Proof, which means you can submerge them in boiling water for 30 minutes with peace of mind and zero delamination, which is vital for longevity and internal moisture and temperature changes. Cheaper Birch ply woods and softwood ply woods would fail miserable in such demanding environmental conditions.

The pressure applied to secure our Mountain Oak top layers is 28 kg/cm2 (x3 more than the common 8 kg/cm2 with mass produced engineered flooring). Extra pressure eliminates minute differences in structural thicknesses and removes much of the tension from the oak itself. Expertly applied overkill demands more board stability, thus eliminating potential aftercare problems.