Setting up your Home for Summer

Setting up your Home for Summer

21st June 2017

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Setting up your Home for Summer

21st June 2017

Winter is over, everything changes and so does your home décor.

There is nothing quite pleasing like welcoming the new season – summer is joyful and light-hearted; the air is breezy and the flowers are colorful and in bloom.

Rethinking your home décor does not mean going big on everything; it could simple mean restoring those old ottoman with new flirty fabrics, bright décor accents or a new welcome mat just to have a refreshed atmosphere.

Summer is also about the exterior looking just as inviting and gorgeous as the interior with an attractive backyard or patio that looks interesting and fun even at night.

Worry not; below we have few tips to get your space ready for warmer temperatures.

Add Flirty Fabrics

It’s the new season – a warmer one, which means bringing in cool air and keeping the house as fresh as possible.

Get rid of drapery material and bring out those floral and colourful curtains.

Tropical prints in voile fabric are trendy this year and just the solution to the oppressive summer heat.

They are light, beautiful and flirty. There are plenty of ways to play with different fabrics and patterns in summer; think bright botanical prints for your bedding to lift the room’s mood.

Go for accent pillows in fun patterns and summery stripes – cotton, linen and flax fabrics.

Remember to keep it simple, light and playful.

Add Pops of Colour

Imagine how intriguing it is to walk into a room and being confronted by summery colours and textures. One bold item can instantly set a playful mood to welcome the new season.

Bringing colour into your home is a great way to brighten your spirits. It has a way of engulfing an entire space while giving off a playful and fun vibe.

Soft pastel tones are great for summer; there are easy on the eye and can simply be added through décor accessories that instantly lighten up the room.

Use decorative vases, light fixtures with colourful shades or a well-curated gallery wall with fun elements.

Alternatively, make a summer statement with a colourful ottoman which also acts as your centrepiece. If you have a neutral one, adorn it with colourful accent pillows and a throw for a bold and unapologetic look.

Update the Outdoors

Keeping your outdoors looking as good as the indoors will have you enjoying the cool breeze in summer. It’s the right time to switch it up and take advantage of a blooming garden.

Outdoors are lovely for hosting family and friends and taking advantage of the warm weather. You want your outdoor space to reflect your personality and tell a story.

Simply do this with pretty outdoor furniture; give your old wicker chair a facelift with a good quality fabric in summery colours such as yellow, bright blue or a hot pink.

Colourful accent pillows to accessorise your outdoor furniture bring the space to life. Select a few accessories such as candles lanterns to use during night entertaining or simple outdoor ottomans and stools for comfort and an extra pop of colour.

Adorn your table with a vase with fresh flowers for a touch of elegance. A little craftiness and creative will give you a new beautiful patio or backyard.

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