Collections Explained

Collections Explained



Wood Floor Express

Our express line of custom flooring is designed for the budget conscious client that needs high quality flooring without the wait. This line of flooring is stocked and ready to ship in some cases as quickly as 48 hours from ordering. A complete colour range allows you to choose the perfect colour with a much shorter lead time without compromising design or quality.

Smart Oak Express

Our new 12 mm line is precision engineered in exactly the same way as our 16mm and 21 mm platforms with zero compromise. With a 3 mm oak lamella and 9mm WPB birch ply base, these boards will remain stable even if boiled in water.

Our new ‘Smart Oak Express’ line of trade only 12mm engineered oak is a fantastic solution for both large-scale commercial and residential properties that require premium wood at the most competitive trade price. These natural yet modern finishes are available in 6 current colours from stock..

Driftwood Express

Within our own UK trademarked Driftwood range we have created an exciting new Driftwood Express collection comprised of 100% European Oak and construction of the highest quality stocked and finished in the UK. Suitable for both domestic and commercial projects our Driftwood

Express line delivers custom colours without the lengthy lead time.


The inherent beauty of an aged piece of wood is central to this collection and indeed the heart of The Reclaimed Flooring Company. We see reclaimed materials as authentic and noble vessels that are based on the honestly of their origins. There is a certain power and mystery that lies in the reclamation of timbers once surrounded by vanished generations and bygone eras. The ability to take these pieces out of their original context gives them new life, each becoming a work of art in their own right, while still preserving the historical charm that is the essence of the Reclaimed collection. As a continuously evolving range we provided rare and scarce products exclusive to The Reclaimed Flooring Company.

American barns, Railway Carriages, French chateaus and Victorian factories are just a few of the unusual and intriguing places our Reclaimed wood is pulled from. Shaped by the passage of time rather than the hand of man this collection is the foremost expression of timeless quality and natural artistry.

Heritage Oak:

Reclaimed from ancient homes and barns found in the secluded countryside of eastern Europe this rare oak is an astounding 200-300 years old. Predating modern machinery and entirely hand hewn this oak represents the best of traditional craftsmanship with an unmistakable timeworn touch. Each plank is tells its own unique story, revealing original hand tool marks or the occasional personally engraving. The truest example of authentic antique oak.

Grande Restoration

We have always been a company that adores the way time alters and shapes the appearance wood, adding its own special patina over the centuries. Our challenge for this collection was to abbreviate this process while still retaining the classical grace that time lavishes. The most distinctive feature in this collection is the surface undulation typical of grand, ancient European floors. Drawing upon this beauty and tradition we have created the Grande Restoration collection to embody all of the elements of a truly luxurious oak floor. Small board cracks, select knots and occasional soft band saw marks are subtle variations exhibited in this timeless collection. Created with the concept of inheritance, two sub-ranges Castle and Habitat further expand and enrich the Grande Restoration collection in two distinct directions. Castle products play on the idea of inheriting history whereas the Habitat range focuses on inheriting something from the earth.

The Castle range has been calibrated to feature natural undulation and more traditional finishes reminiscent of regal country interiors. Displaying more aged surfaces as if worn by the comings and goings of generations. Each Castle product has rich character and a luxurious polish akin to the Victorian period waxed floors seen in some of England and Europe’s finest listed manors and estates. Simply put Castle products are for those who treasure history and seek to embody that tradition in their home.

2)The Habitat range was created to emphasize the natural environment of the Earths landscapes. Using the finest solid oak boards each plank is guided and shaped by expert hands creating a natural and subtle surface undulation that is beautifully displayed across the expanse of a room. Paired with scenic colours reflective of the earths landscapes each finish within this range is natural yet noticeably sophisticated. All Habitat products are wire brushed and highly tactile, perfect for those who like to feel the grain of wood against bare feet.

Tailor Made Patina

Colour is a vital ingredient in the charm and atmosphere of any interior and when we took on the challenge of creating our own bespoke products, colour was placed high upon our pedestal. The Tailor Made Patina collection is comprised of our largest selection of colours for both contemporary and antique spaces.

This collection is all about personalities and the balance between the character of a colour and the interior elements that surround it. Specialist patinas created through the layering of organic compounds reveal a true depth of feeling unseen in flat commercial washes.

Deep tonal variation and unique flashes of light yield an authentic personality to each product in this collection. Whether you’re in pursuit of refined elegance, simple modernity or warm country ambience the Tailor Made Patina collection is the perfect accent to harmonise the home.


The Driftwood collection was inspired by stories of lost voyages, misty seas and passionate explorers. Shades of ocean greys, blacks and whites combine to create a bespoke colour range reminiscent of wood that has drifted from the far corners of the ocean, eventually stranding itself on sun baked sand and rocks. Deep, natural colour variation and a raw face texture are distinct details exclusive to the Driftwood collection available only through The Reclaimed Flooring Company. Purposefully worn, this collection encompasses a naturally weathered aesthetic representing the untamed creative spirit of the ocean. All

Purposefully worn, this collection encompasses a naturally weathered aesthetic representing the untamed creative spirit of the ocean. All Driftwood products display artful textures created through wire brushing techniques while still retaining a profound elegance free from ostentation. Seeking harmony with water and light Driftwood products adhere to a purity of form driven by the poetry and power of the ocean. A truly remarkable collection full of imagination, strength and enduring beauty.


Made from distilled water using natural earth mineral pigmentations our Painted collection exhibits a vibrant and eclectic mix of colours suitable for commercial and residential use. Through vast experimentation we have
developed our own colour layering system that creates a highly weathered aesthetic without the decades wait. Especially valuable for company branding we provide the personalisation of colour combinations allowing the client to choose a

Especially valuable for company branding we provide the personalisation of colour combinations allowing the client to choose a total bespoke look every time. A kaleidoscopic of colours and combinations make this an exciting and innovative collection full of fun and fascination.

Floor panels & Parquet

As an indisputable virtue of elegance and refinement parquet flooring is one of the most prestigious applications of craftsmanship. Invoking a sophisticated response within any interior we provide both Reclaimed Antique French Parquet as well as new solid and engineered parquet finished in either a classical or modern patina.

The rich craft of these precious panels is highlighted by marvellous depth of colour and skill and can be laid in various patterns such as Versailles, Chevron, Herringbone and Box parquet. Superior expressions of beauty and artistry, our exquisite parquet panels demand to be noticed and are remembered long after as the ultimate statement floor for the past, present and future.


The Natural Modernist

The Natural Modernist is the perfect collection for the modernist who loves the great outdoors as much as the city. These subtle yet striking tones create an array of natural motifs and organic hues. Whether you prefer light and airy or soft and smoked The Natural Modernist collection is the ideal complement for creating high-end sophisticated interiors with a purely natural pallet.