Timeless Interior Styles for Everyday Living

Timeless Interior Styles for Everyday Living

7th August 2017

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Timeless Interior Styles for Everyday Living

7th August 2017

A beautiful home is its character – a living and breathing personality.

It’s a reflection of who you are; each room a sanctuary for serenity, relaxation and undeniable comfort.

The secret is in achieving the perfect details by selecting an interior style that complements your lifestyle; from furniture selection to materials and finishes.

Below we have curated a few mood boards to complement different interior styles and inspire your next home makeover.

Masculine Perfection

The home is where the heart is and keeping it simple is a mantra with masculine interiors.

The style is unassuming and comfortable, simple yet elegant.

A style that best suits prominent lovers of straighter and angular elements – sophisticated sleek finishes and clean look.

Masculine is often stoic in nature and the typical colour palette is rich, deep and dark – shades of gray, black and brown.

For instance, masculine furniture is sleek with straight edges, simple lines and strong materials.

Uniqueness can be the most noticeable point and a stylish characteristic of a masculine style – from leather and suede inspired furniture to metal accents and even warm fabrics such as silk, crushed velvet and wool.

Concentrate on both form and function and opt to have all of the furniture pieces, materials and textures blend together.

The trick is to keep the style simple and consistent from room to room.

Minimalist Essentials

Simple, sleek, clean and sexy while delving into the theory of “less is more” is the hallmark for a minimalist style.

This style is never too over the top; the rooms are uncluttered, clean and streamlined.

When choosing finishes and décor elements for a minimalist style, the most crucial thing is to hold one single colour.

White, muted neutrals, monochromatic palette, solid colours and few accessories would be an ideal choice.

Keeping it simple allows you to display one show-stopping decorative piece that sets the tone for the entire space.

It’s not enough for the furniture to look good; it has to serve a purpose as well.

For example, a simple console table with drawers can be used for display as well as act as storage. Minimalist is all about clutter free and being organised, and your furniture should be able to offer that functionality in a subtle way.

This timeless style allows you to tone down your furnishings to the bare essentials and you are left with a well-curated space.

Chic Parisian

Parisian style is effortless, uncomplicated and yet playful and unapologetic.

The French love to bring a sense history indoors, and create interiors that are chic yet timeless and can stand the test of time.

At the same time, this style evokes an element of fun through colours and textures; accent furniture, sculptures, large artwork and fabrics.

With interiors for this particular style; a mix of rough and refined, traditional design offset by modern does the trick.

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