Trendy Decor Ideas for Small Space Design

Trendy Decor Ideas for Small Space Design

5th June 2017

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Trendy Decor Ideas for Small Space Design

5th June 2017

For many apartment dwellers, living in a small home can be quite a challenge and having to efficiently work with limited space can be a daunting task. However, small does not mean boring and messy; it simply means carefully planning an interior that is practical, functional while still being aesthetically pleasing.

From practical storage to brilliant furniture pieces and even creating an illusion of space – practical small design can look and feel as good as we desire them to be.

Bedroom Essentials  

A trendy modern bed with built-in storage is a great option when working with finite amount of square footage. Storage in the bedroom is never enough, there is always tons of stuff to store away; from bedding to shoes and clothes from different seasons – having some multifunctional pieces of furniture is quite logical.

A bed designed to your taste, with multiple pull–out drawers fits not just more stuff, but fits stuff more comfortably. For maximum and efficient use of space, built-in cabinets are fantastic to frame your bed’s headboard. Create a cozy and comfortable nook to fall into at bedtime by building around your bed. Not only is this practical, but very stylish and elegant when open cabinets are adorned with eye-catching décor accents.

Cozy Corner Office

Working full time from home or taking work home can be quite a hustle when living in a petite space. However, with brilliant planning and a well thought-out space arrangement, a home workspace can emerge from a spare corner or few inches of a wall in any room.

Whether it’s a space beneath your staircase, a pull out work surface that fits snugly in the kitchen or simply a small bespoke desk with drawers in your bedroom corner; creative ideas can effortlessly take up minimal space.

When working with compact spaces, thinking vertical is always ideal to avoid using up as much floor footage as possible. This means using more of wall mounted shelves or bookcases to neatly place your books and files.

Corners are definitely versatile spots that often aren’t fully exploited and can be used to cater for that extra work surface. A functional but chic way that allows one to keep up with every day needs; minimal space, maximum efficiency.

Mirrors Do the Trick

Mirrors are your best friend especially if space is not a luxury in your home. They are great for reflecting light and adding a nice ambience while opening up your space. Place them strategically in order to make the space feel larger. For instance, position it across the window so it reflects the view and give an illusion of a double window.

Alternatively, place a mirror behind a light source such as a pendent light to instantly brighten up the room. Mirrors are perfect for any room in the house and have a way of enhancing the entire décor.

Small bathrooms benefit from the use of mirrors as well. Using mirrors and mirrored cabinets adds so much depth to a petite looking bathroom – or simply grouping a few mirrors above the bathtub or sink acts as an elegant accent and can accentuate the look and feel of your space.

Small Space Furniture

In a compact space pick pieces that work harder and look smarter. There is nothing as frustrating as feeling cramped and uncomfortable – furniture has to be placed in a way that the room appears spacious.

Furniture pieces that can be used for more than one purpose are a must have. From small double-decker carts that can be used in both the kitchen and living room to an attractive bench that offers extra seating or an extension to your coffee table, and can be moved out of the way under the table when not in use.

It’s really all about smart choices and selecting furniture that can tuck into smaller spaces with ease.

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