Wood Finishes: The Hallmark for Warmth and Texture

Wood Finishes: The Hallmark for Warmth and Texture

17th July 2017

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Wood Finishes: The Hallmark for Warmth and Texture

17th July 2017

For years wood has been a staple in interior design and architecture, simply because of its natural quality, its ability to complement any interior style and how it effortlessly accentuates a space.

What’s even more appealing about wood is how it gets better as it ages; taking on a charming glow that quietly emits a proud sense of history and character.

It is versatility and new technology has allowed for endless possibilities in its use, whilst pushing boundaries and creating new shapes. From walnut and oak to birch and mahogany; its richness and organic feel are what adds warmth and texture into our homes.

The Perfect Wood Wall


There is no denying that a wall with wood insertions has a way of accentuating the warm atmosphere of a space.

Whether you seek a contemporary style or perhaps something more eclectic, you can always indulge in a charming wood wall to match.

Walls with wooden panels have been known to add warmth, texture and an unmistaken feel of the natural outdoors into an interior space.

No longer considered just for cabins, wood panel walls are slowly but surely being used as accents in living rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, and even on fireplace surrounds.

For instance, an overly spacious room can often feel cold, empty and less homely; installing a wood plank feature wall not only adds character but can make the room feel more intimate and inviting.

Think minimalistic, and how stark the interior can feel. A wall dressed up with wooden panels complements a smooth concrete floor and architect-white walls really well.

Also a perfect backdrop to house a large art piece – easily turns into a focal point of the room.

Wood Flooring Touches

We love the richness of wooden floors and how they ground a room with so much ease.

Not only do wooden floors look natural and warm, they transform the room in ways that other materials are unable to; while adding subtle pattern and texture that creates an organic feel – almost like an old world charm.

Considering the colour of the wood and how it will contrast yet complement your room is a major key and a good place to start when adding a stylish wooden flooring. For example, dark oak is an ideal and an easy way to make the room more decadent and cosier.

However, you can opt for a more rustic and pronounced texture as opposed to wood flooring that looks artificially smooth.

The Details in Accessories

It’s amazing how sometimes the smallest and simplest things make the greatest impact.

If playing with wood to a vast extent is not ideal for you, simple furniture pieces and accessories can ensure that your home is not in the midst of the wooden revival.

It could be an additional mirror with a textured wooden frame, a wooden stool, or a wooden light fixture in the kitchen.

One of the nicest things about introducing wood elements into your space is how well they blend in with the rest of your interior decor – draperies, area rugs as well as other furniture pieces.

Select decorative accessories or furniture pieces that stand out and provide unmatched loveliness to any colour or design scheme if you are looking for warmth, unique character, charm and simply to elevate your space.

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