15 Bathroom Design Ideas and Trends

15 Bathroom Design Ideas and Trends

13th January 2022

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After a long day, there is nothing better than being able to retreat to your own private oasis.

It’s no surprise that bathroom design is receiving the attention it deserves — there’re various styles to incorporate today that will keep it trendy past the next years.

From striking colour palettes and textures to gorgeous materials and accent features, here you’ll find 15 bathroom design ideas and trends to look forward to in 2020.

Biophilia inspired design

Nature lovers who are probing for biophilic environments will love this trend!

Biophilia places well-being at the heart of design by putting man in touch with nature.

There’s well-documented evidence that we’re much more calm, relaxed and focused if we’re surrounded by nature.

The concept of biophilia has been notable in commercial surroundings, but can also be utilised to inform the interior design of bathroom environments in a variety of ways, such as through the choice of flooring and wall coverings, furniture and furnishings.

To simply create a bathroom oasis that connects with nature: carefully select materials and textures like wood and organic fibres, bring in natural light and greenery, opt for oddly fixtures that emulate nature’s natural shapes.

In terms of colour choices, pick a soothing palette with some whites, greys and greens.

Wallpaper with greenery works best in compact spaces such as the powder room. Lighting also plays a pretty significant role in connecting us to nature.

Adding a skylight or big windows allows you to mimic the natural light found outdoors.

Ultimately, the aim of the bathroom design intervention is to achieve feelings of relaxation, rejuvenation and comfort.

Big impressions in minimal spaces

In the face of increasing glass-walled open showers, many bathroom fitting companies are going above and beyond to create a variety of interesting and clever minimalistic fittings.

They’re all unique and incorporate various functions.

Goodbye chrome and hello daring black, gold and copper!

To get in on the trend, opt for unique bathroom fittings that exude plenty of style.

A beautiful minimalist space can be elevated with lighting components.

By combining stunning lighting, modern wall-mounted fixtures and simple looking tile motifs gives the bathroom space a grand atmosphere that really works.

Warm colour palette

Bathroom colour trends have evolved over the years — from cold, clinical colours to more exciting tones.

In 2020, champagne, navy blue, golden yellow and pumpkin red are the few warm colours that will replace cool grey which has been dominating the world of interior design for years.

What makes these colour choices even more exciting is how easily they complement a range of interior styles and elements.

For example, champagne pairs beautifully with bold textures and materials to add visual interest to a room. You can also play around with metallic accessories such as gold or silver for a contemporary finish.

Graphically speckled terrazzo

Back in 2017, terrazzo seeped into our homes as a big new trend on the design scene and we only see it getting bigger.

In the new year, terrazzo will remain loved by designers as the statement surface of choice.

A mix of natural stones, cement, and marble, terrazzo’s graphically speckled good-looks and endless array of colour options can now be found everywhere: in decorative accessories, wall surfaces, counters, and backsplashes.

In the bathroom front, this Italian material is most often found along shower walls, flooring or even a replacement of a ceramic sink to evoke a timeless sense of play that works well with just about any design style, from minimal to mid-century modern grandeur.

Seeing as it has a fragmented texture, this loved material is definitely never dull with its unlimited colour and long-lasting material combinations!

Open showers remain a favourite

In terms of showers, there are many different unique and eye-catching kinds on the market.

However, open-concept showers that do away with restrictive barriers and walls are quite on trend — especially those that are multi-functional and fully equipped: integrated bench, misting system, ambient lighting, anti-fog mirror and floor-to-ceiling windows to create a fusion of indoors and outdoors.

While this trend may be rather bold, open-concept showers are particular really beneficial in bathrooms that also function as living spaces, e.g. a master en-suite.

A privacy glass wall makes it possible to separate the shower from the rest of the space. Advantage of such a look? Visual spaciousness and a feel-good ambience!

Bold black aesthetic

A colour that remains a favourite for many even in bathroom design is black — it’s timeless, unapologetic and exudes elegance and sophisticated flair.

Black blends well with any other colour, and complements any interior style there is out there.

Be daring in creating an appealing bathroom of your own; from statement features to sculpted fittings.

Rich dark hues are bold and powerful, easily striking and visibly noticeable.

Think matte black fixtures paired beautifully with wood flooring and shiny metallic accents… The results? A stunning interior that truly does “take you away”!

Wood as a focal material

Loved for its warm, beautiful and timeless presence, wood replaces the cold ceramics and becomes the smart merger between bathroom and bedroom aesthetics.

From wooden panels that radiate from wall to ceiling, to flooring and free-standing furniture that echo a new expression — this new season it’s all about creating spaces that bring a sense comfort and beauty to modern bathroom designs

Thanks to advances in waterproof finishes and improvements in moisture-reducing room-ventilation, an abundance of engineered wood has become an integral part of new bathroom designs.

Like stone, wood surfaces provide an optical rest and serine emanation for the open bathroom concept.

Console-style vanities

2020 is focused on saving space, making console-like vanities ideal as opposed to massive furnishing.

Floating a console vanity allows you to gain back the space inch by inch, making the room look much bigger. Powder rooms benefit greatly from this trend.

With so many styles to choose from, you can quickly find a console-style vanity to suit your overall bathroom aesthetics and family’s needs.

When it comes to colour, a light-coloured finish will bounce light around, making a compact bath or powder room seem visually spacious — whilst a dark, dramatic finish is a fashionable option that teams effortlessly with lighter décor to achieve a contemporary look.

Tiny bathrooms with huge potential

Designers are becoming ingenious with the way they decorate tiny spaces such as the powder room. They look just as fashionable and charming as full four-piece bathrooms! Believe it or not, crafting a small space with more luxurious materials is more affordable

We also see bold design elements feeling right at home in petite spaces; from statement wallpaper on powder room walls to tiling from the floor to the ceiling.

Sinks are also rather unique with interesting shapes and designs in concrete or marble. Put simply: there are plenty of ways to transform even the dinkiest bathroom into a functional and absolutely fabulous space.

Statement artwork

It’s all about making an artistic statement in 2020, even in the bathroom. The best thing about the art trend is that it’s noncommittal, unlike most of your other choices in a bathroom remodel.

You can easily and frequently switch out art pieces.

Whether you’re dreaming of something serene or elegant, artwork is available in all styles.

Like any other room, bathrooms are subject to sunlight, heat and steam; therefore, your much-loved art should be professionally framed, with a sealed back, to be able to withstand moist and humid environments.

Refined and sought-after tiling

2019 saw the advent of the Morocco-inspired fish-scale tiles in striking jewel tones. As the new year approaches, we’re now looking for a more sought-after and sober style.

Uniquely shaped tiles in neutral colour palettes are at the forefront, typically in grey tones and matte black.

For a little more of dynamic look and feel, you can opt for textured tiles to make a statement behind your basin, in your shower or splashed across the floor.

High-end tiles that have both matte and shiny properties are also a great option for elegant contemporary bathrooms. Luxury is in subtlety!

Timber-look tiles featuring a timeless herringbone pattern will also make a big appear in 2020.

This trend offers the visual warmth and all the nuances, grains and knots of real wooden planks, but provides the same durability and easy upkeep of porcelain or ceramic tiles.

Minimalist linear lighting

Lighting is incredibly important in your bathroom. Not only for aesthetic purposes, but also for practicality. More popular though is minimalist and linear lighting, which allows other elements in the bathroom to shine brightly.

Non-convectional, ultra-modern and sleek appliqués are another big option but will be characterised by simple and pure lines.

Using two or even one application of these within your bathroom will be all that you need for an illuminated minimalist dream.

Spa-like feel

Turning the bathroom into a spa has invariably always been on the mind of many homeowners, and in the coming year bathrooms become more of experiential spaces.

The spa-like experience as well as a kind of theatrical beauty takes over what used to be a very humble and private space

To make your dream spa-like retreat a reality, consider different design styles and directions. From ideas that evoke serene and rejuvenating outdoors to ultra-modern and sleek, the options are endless to match personal taste and lifestyle.

Subtle art-deco inspired

Bored by the monotonous feel of your bathroom? Looking at beautiful design styles of the past can be the most inspiring. A lot of art-deco influences are coming back in a big way that satisfy all tastes.

Nods to old-world craftsmanship characterised by elegant use of balanced shapes, uncluttered lines, vibrant colours, patterns and visual textures take shape in gorgeous new bathtub creations, unique-shaped mirrors, wall and floor tiles, furnishings and light fixtures.

Smart measures

As technology evolves, home automation is no longer a sci-fi thing of the future — the good news is it’s here, it offers a number of savvy tech options and it’s easy to use. Motion detecting faucets, automatic temperature regulators, mirrors with built-in LED lighting and automatic hand-wipe sensors are just the few ways smart technology promises to put the control at your fingertips and to make your bathroom design work for you


The key to a seamless bathroom design is comfort, functionality and beauty. Whether it’s adding a few touches to make an existing bathroom suite more appealing or a complete space renovation, 2020 has in store big ideas for design trends enthusiasts. From bold colours to warm, timeless materials, next year’s bathroom trends give you the opportunity to combine fashion and function to come up with a design that’s well suited for you, your family and your lifestyle.

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