“Not all reclaimed wood falls under the antique category, and very few understand the difference. Like a skilled antique restoration, we’re creating a legacy meant to endure through generations.”

– Robert Henry. Founder and CEO

From Beginnings


There is a certain power and mystery that lies in the reclamation of timbers once surrounded by now vanished generations and bygone eras. The ability to take these pieces out of their original context gives them a new life, each becoming a work of art in their own right, while still preserving the historical charm that is the essence of our Reclaimed collection. European Castles, Churches, American Barns, Ancient Stone Caves, French Country Manors and Victorian Factories are just a few of the unusual and intriguing places our Reclaimed wood is sourced.

The Beauty Within

There is drama to be appreciated when uncovering the beauty from within an Antique piece of timber, a beauty that has been hidden for centuries. It takes an experienced eye to know precisely how a particular piece of wood will fit into the design aesthetics of a specific project because every piece of timber is as unique as our fingerprints, and each piece exhibits a multitude of ageing characteristics depending on how the wood has aged.

New Life For Old Wood

We continue nature’s processes, working with nature rather than overly controlling her. As in cutting a precious jewel, each woodcut requires many judgements and each decision must be precise.

Our shared mission is to bring out the beauty and texture, proportion and depth of the material we use, to produce as fine a floor piece that is humanly possible by hand, and one that may last for generations to come.

To Bespoke

A Thousand Skills

Working with antique wood requires many skills, for the thousand judgement calls one must consider when uncovering such timeless beauty piece by piece. In a modern world where manual skills are shunned, we believe in them because of the sheer joy of connecting, touching, doing and becoming. Modern science tells us that pride in craftsmanship, of becoming involved and doing as perfect a job as possible, of producing something of beauty is one of mankind’s truest sources of happiness.

Design & Engineering

A piece of wood is at its core an engineering problem, like wood flooring, certain challenges are intensified because of the environmental conditions once installed. When creating and designing, we must continually weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the material we have selected for the project. While also responding to questions of authenticity, proportion, texture and strength. One of the very best compliments we can receive from a client is, ‘This floor looks like it is a part of the original building, it all ties in together so seamlessly!’


What may look like a worn and scrappy board to an inexperienced installer, in the right hands may become a feature piece. 300+ years of life tells a story and it is our job to bring out the beauty and time-worn surfaces that have been sculpted over the years, decades and generations. We offer a full consultation, programming and technical knowledge with absolute confidence, this is our definition of authenticity, quality and craftsmanship.

Every Project Is Unique

Our products such as reclaimed and Antique oaks offer bespoke solutions. In our world of one-of-a-kind antique aesthetics, true authenticity requires an in-depth understanding of client requirements, material sourcing, wood shaping, wood grading, delicate wood finishing and finally installation artistry and technical precision.