2019 Trends in Kitchen Design

2019 Trends in Kitchen Design

28th March 2019

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For seasoned hosts, the kitchen tends to be the real centrepiece of the home.

We desire a unique and stylish kitchen design that meld with the rest of our house interior — hence we often are a bit more obsessed with finding ways to refresh and bring our remodel ideas to life.

Although trends can be rather fleeting, there’s one room in the house where ideas tend to stick around a bit longer — and that’s the kitchen.

Good thing, considering how certain trends we’ve all known and (maybe) loved in recent years have guided us through making decisions about our interiors that have since become timeless.

So what might the quintessential kitchen look like in 2019?

What materials are worth investing in; what colour trends will be the ideal conversation starter; and what subtle touches can you make that will look beautiful for years to come?

If you’re pondering an upgrade, here are the 2019 kitchen design trends to help you turn your space into an interior tour de force.

Minimal, concealed storage

This year, cabinet storage features a minimal design with touch-latch drawers that deliver an effortless, clean look that’s particularly stunning in contemporary kitchens.

Knobs and long pulls are nice, but they aren’t always necessary.

Instead, magnetic or mechanical touch-latch allows you to simply tap the drawer and have it spring open.

The appeal?

An uninterrupted expanse on drawer fronts and cabinet doors; keeping your kitchen visually clean and smooth.

If you’re considering a sleek look for your next remodel, the unfussy characteristics of a handleless finish lend an elegant and timeless look, that ensures that the style will always be a design classic for years to come.

Curated open shelving

We’ve heard all the argument… dust, disorder, clutter! — but we can tell you one thing; many blogs and articles have confidently jumped on this look, and it’s a sure trend of 2019.

As it turns out, the open shelving trend hasn’t missed a beat, from 2017 right through to 2018, and, surprise, it’s still part of the package deal this year.

What we love most about this design idea is the use of sophisticated glass, wood and metal finishes that are easier to clean and look more luxurious.

More importantly, open shelving creates an open aesthetic that allows you to curate your collection of glassware, recipe books and quirky objet d’art — adding to the bold statement you wish to make in your kitchen space.

Coloured upholstery

it’s time to get comfortable in style!

Bar stools in luxe leather and velvet upholstery are bringing an extra layer of sophistication to kitchen design this year.

Even better, they feature a serious pop of colour; from navy to teal or a touch of healing kale.

If you have a dominating neutral palette, then you might as well take advantage of this trend as a way to brighten things up a little.

Timeless wood

Warm, stylish and diverse — wood offers a variety of qualities that few other materials can match.

Its neutral colour, dimension, texture and the ability to add completely different looks to space makes it an obvious choice in any kitchen design.

This year, people are increasingly seeking connection to natural elements, and there is a growing desire to incorporate materials with an honest authenticity that we find naturally seductive.

Whether it’s with flooring, an accent wall, or a unique kitchen island; wood evokes a timeless appeal that will continue to be in vogue for years to come.

Dramatic backsplash

The most significant trend this season is that colour is big and bold on all surfaces.

Backsplashes are moving away from white to richer, dramatic, intoxicating looks.

We will witness the use of Intricately patterned tiles in various textures trickled into not just kitchen floors, but also backsplashes for a much more substantial visual statement throughout the year.

Embrace punchy patterns like chevron, herringbone, exotic Spanish and Moroccan fish scale for extra style and a distinctive edge!

Statement pendant lighting

Hanging pendant fixtures are a fantastic way to denote different areas and create dramatic changes within an open-plan space.

Anchoring the kitchen island or banquette seating with sculptural pendants will be a popular trend this season, particularly in contemporary and luxurious aesthetics.

Expect to see plenty of mid-century modern and industrial minimalist designs that make bold statements and create conversation starters; from geometric shapes and metallic open-frame finishes to romantic and playful styles.

Opting for something that’s a little out of the ordinary is also a great way to inject personality and charm into a space that’s often a bit basic and bland.

Upgraded banquette seating

Once a stable in the 1990s kitchen design, banquette seating is back with fresh, modern details.

Homeowners are embracing a space that’s inviting and durable by opting for cosy built-in seating, while others opt for bench furniture pieces that give the feeling of a banquette but without a built-in design commitment.

Think more along the lines of wood bench seating with comfy upholstery in velvet (which is so in vogue right now!) take out the word ‘finish’.

This emerging trend turns a dining spot into a relaxed and warm lounging area where kids can do homework or friends can tuck in for a cup of tea.

Moody saturated hues

Dark colours are overwhelmingly the hottest trends in kitchen hardware accents, fixtures and millwork profile details in 2019 — a complete reversal of the trending all-white and muted tones of the past years.

And a fantastic option for anyone who can’t bring themselves to go to the vibrant and bold route.

Hunter green, midnight blue, terracotta and classic charcoal black feel fresh as crisp accent colours and are a gorgeous way to bring some drama and modernity without fully darkening your kitchen’s interior.

Cabinetry can be repainted when you’re ready to go for something lighter and airy since wood offers opportunities for personalisation, thanks to a variety of timbers, veneers and finishes.

Wellness in mind

Wellness continues to be a huge theme this year, as more people are following healthier lifestyles, and are looking to home design to support those efforts.

Kitchens are being pared down to allow the growing push for sustainable eco-friendly and tranquil environments that have a therapeutic effect.

The idea of wellness is changing design to include natural tactile materials such as wood, stone, seagrass and jute; and layouts that inspire social interactions and nourish family connections.

After a minimalist wave in recent years, 2019 kitchen design trends are feeling a lot more valorous and edgier as homeowners desire a space that resembles the rest of their home interior, swap ‘and’ for ‘which’ feels more collected than clinical.

Colour accents, open shelving, raw elements inspired by nature and cabinets with minimal hardware are just a few of the looks that will lead the pack.

Sprucing up your interior aesthetic might be the push you need towards creating a year full of exciting possibilities.

And if you’re not a trend person, it’s worth considering that just because it’s trending, doesn’t mean it can’t be timeless.

2019 Trends in Kitchen Design Quick-Guide

  1. Here’s a quick guide for the most important looks this year in kitchen design;
  2. Think minimal, concealed storage.
  3. Think curated open shelving.
  4. Add pops of colour with luxurious upholstery.
  5. Bring in timeless wood details.
  6. Layer your design statement with a bold choice in backsplash.
  7. Create dramatic lighting effects with statement pendant lighting.
  8. Add Banquette seating to highlight the warm social areas in your kitchen design.
  9. Dark and moody colours replace clinical whites to add drama.
  10. Health of mind, spirit and environment is key to wellness in the kitchen space, so choose your materials to nurture and bring calm.

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