Arctic TreeHouse Hotel by Studio Puisto

Arctic TreeHouse Hotel by Studio Puisto

23rd October 2017

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Northern lights, clear skies, Reindeers, Huskies, sledges, and snow-laden trees – if this is your ideal holiday experience, then the Arctic treehouse hotel is the place to be.

Located right in the Arctic Circle in the Finnish city, Rovaniemi, the amazingly sleek hotel is designed by Finnish architectural firm Studio Puisto.

Designed to immerse visitors in nature and mysticism and a first of its kind in the Arctic Circle; the shingle-covered units offer a nest-like space that blends into the surrounding landscape.

The Arctic TreeHouse Hotel comprises 32 log-like cabins elevated above the slopes of Syversen hill to minimize site impact.

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Carefully sited to optimize views, the units are organized in pairs that function as combinable halves with one housing the bedroom and bathroom and the other containing a kitchenette and living room.

Each unit features a glazed end wall positioned for the unobstructed views of nature.

Environmental-friendly design played a large part in the design of the timber buildings, from its pine shingle-clad appearance to the use of natural materials.

Green roofs top the units for stormwater management. Timber was predominately used for the facade and the interior. The building structure is inspired by nature, especially the cabins’ outer walls inspired by pine cone cow.

The warm interiors are lined in blond timber and oiled oak parquet floors, and furnished with low-slung wire chairs swathed in fur and a blizzard of white linen.

The bedrooms are framed by large windows and have views of the forest which, in summer, is festooned with lingonberries and cloudberries bushes.

Some cabins ensure privacy, while some are attached with each other so that small groups and families can lodge together.

At night the units light up like softly glowing lanterns; however, outdoor light pollution is kept to a minimum to preserve the “true wilderness experience” and viewing opportunities for the Northern Lights.

“The inspiration for the accommodation concept – set on a steep natural slope – came from Nordic nature and culture as well as the magical world of Santa Park,” write the architects. “A vision started to form: small individual accommodation buildings set in nature, their spirit highlighting characteristics of the area and creating an optimal setting for experiencing both nature and arctic mysticism.”


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