Nurturing a Sustainable Tomorrow

Nurturing a Sustainable Tomorrow

10th August 2023

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Dedicated to our values

In a world where environmental concerns have reached critical levels, combating deforestation and restoring our planet’s natural balance has never been more crucial.

An initiative that holds immense power and aligns seamlessly with our core values is the act of planting trees.

This practice goes beyond its surface impact, contributing to countering deforestation and fostering a healthier ecosystem, cleaner air, and a brighter future.

The ethos of The ReclaimedFlooring Company has always been rooted in a commitment to crafting a legacy that transcends generations.

This dedication has been evident in every endeavour since our inception.

The 5000 trees we have thoughtfully planted over the past decade are a prime testament to this enduring commitment.


Today, we are thrilled to unveil our partnership with an organisation at the forefront of the reforestation movement: One Tree Planted.

United by a shared vision, The Reclaimed Flooring Company and One Tree Planted embark on a collaborative journey to further evolve and amplify our planting philosophy.

Our joint pledge to plant 200 trees monthly embodies our unwavering commitment to positively impacting our planet.

The Roots of One Tree Planted’s Mission

One Tree Planted’s mission to reforest the Earth is at the heart of the movement.

As outlined on their website,, the organisation recognises that a single tree can make a difference.

From providing habitats for wildlife to improving air and water quality, trees are a cornerstone of a thriving ecosystem.

This aligns beautifully with our belief in environmental stewardship, where we embrace the spirit of giving back to nature.

Only through the continual nurturing of woodlands can we ensure the longevity of the harmonious collaboration we have built here.

Planting trees in Denmark

RFC and One Tree Planted are currently focused on rewilding Denmark.

We recognise the importance of planting a diverse range of native tree species. We are proud to be planting 100 trees here every month, which will help to replenish the country’s forests,  provide homes for local wildlife, improve soil quality, and mitigate climate change.

The organisation’s project in Denmark, as detailed on their website’s Denmark collection, is a testament to the transformative power of reforestation.

Denmark is known for its stunning landscapes but faces environmental challenges due to deforestation and habitat loss.



One Tree Planted’s project in Denmark is a beacon of hope, demonstrating how planting trees can have a cascading positive effect on the environment.

By planting a diverse range of native tree species, the organisation is replenishing the country’s forests and providing a home for local wildlife, improving soil quality, and mitigating climate change.

Planting trees in the USA

In addition to the 100 trees we plant monthly in Denmark, we are also committed to planting 100 trees in the USA.

We are proud that our trees will help to increase biodiversity, reforest public land and preserve historically and culturally valuable land.

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