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House of a Jeweller – Hong Kong

House of a Jeweller – Hong Kong

About this project

As part of the complete remodel of this Hong Kong jewellery designer’s penthouse apartment in Covent Garden, we supplied our engineered mountain oak flooring.

The simple and clean lines of this wood highlight the elegant outlines of the apartment’s decor.

The continuity of the wooden flooring allows a seamless flow from room to room. Subtly contrasting with the prominent blue that features throughout the design, the wood’s light colour captures the essence of this contemporary design.

Working alongside international designers Studio Ulanowski, the team delivered a final design that combines minimalism and warmth. The soft-touch and colour of the wood bring definition to the sleek lines of the overall project.

Designers: Studio Ulanowski

Images: Michelle Young Photography

The product

Our engineered mountain oak is a strong floor with a tight grain that will withstand the practical living in this family apartment. Sourced from European mountain oak, this wood is a popular choice for practical, day-to-day living.