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Reclaimed Manoir Oak was the selection for this home development project by London-based developer MFC Property Partners. 140 m² were used to create an inspirational interior, the herringbone flooring was supplied unfinished and the client applied the colour on-site.

The subtle golden colour of the wood creates a warm atmosphere and contrasts cleverly with the simplicity of the design. Glass, mirrors, black and white furnishings and décor are complemented by the golden glow of the French oak wooden flooring.

The whole house benefits from the subtle enhancement of wooden flooring, including the entrance hall, kitchen diner and living room. Each room flows effortlessly into the next, aided by the consistency of the wooden flooring throughout. The overall effect is that of unique colour and texture, which is a result of clever design and selection of materials.

The lovely herringbone floor was a major selling point

MFC Property Partners.