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Our wood floorboards include several rare pieces and a vast selection of reclaimed wooden floors to enhance any property. We are specialists in restoring reclaimed wood / rustic wood flooring / recycled flooring, ensuring our clients receive a quality product.

So, whether you want to add a touch of history to a single room with rustic wood flooring or need wooden floors or floorboards for your entire property, we can help bring a sense of chic to your home.

Look at our beautiful reclaimed wood flooring products, which include a vast selection of oak floorboards and reclaimed hardwood flooring.

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Why Choose RFC?

The answer is simple: if you’re wondering why, pick us for your cladding and wood flooring requirements. We handpick all of the reclaimed floorboards you’ll find on our site to bring you a most distinguished range of reclaimed engineered and solid wood flooring.

Our collection boasts the finest reclaimed wooden floorboards, so whether you require shabby chic designs, reclaimed oak flooring, antique wood flooring or original French Oak floorboards, we have the finest selection of reclaimed wood flooring for sale.

We will be delighted to make your search for reclaimed floorboards in the UK(we have showrooms in London and Manchester) a stress-free experience. Browse our selection of dark, light and painted reclaimed wooden floors and select those which draw your eye. Each product has an individual character, from reclaimed solid oak flooring to reclaimed engineered floorboards.

If you’ve discovered the perfect reclaimed floorboards, order a sample online, and we’ll deliver it to your door quickly. Alternatively, if you’re in London, visit our showroom or contact us to speak with a team member.

Our reclaimed oak flooring prices are affordable and reflect a quality product.

Looking for harvested wood with a sense of history? Our Solid Wood Flooring, Parquet Flooring and Engineered Wood Flooring could interest you.

Alternatively, if you’re in Manchester, London or Clerkenwell, visit our showroom or contact us to speak with a team member.

Reclaiming A Timeless Journey, Timeless Interiors

Physical space is not simply a mathematical abstraction, nor is it just a place to pass through; instead, it exists in its own right as a separate personality. Protected, time will stand still in space while a world’s generations pass around it like an endless ravine. It is this journey through time that inspires our products and shapes our creative forces.

At RFC, we believe the most beautiful interior spaces are from a host of cultures, places and periods, some new, some very old, but connected through the creative spirit of their owners, both past and present.

When working with RFC, together as creators and collaborators on this journey through time and interior space, we strive to capture your moment. ‘Reclaiming’ means to be reborn, to celebrate the transition from old to new and old again. The eternal cycle continues as the world outside continues.

The inherent beauty of a worn piece of wood is central to this collection and, indeed, the heart of The Reclaimed Flooring Company. We see reclaimed materials as authentic and noble vessels based on their origins’ honesty. A specific power and mystery lies in the reclamation of timbers once surrounded by now-vanished generations and bygone eras. The ability to take these pieces out of their original context gives them a new life, each becoming a work of art in their own right while still preserving the historical charm that is the essence of our Reclaimed collection.  American barns, Stone caves, French country homes and Victorian factories are just a few of the unusual and intriguing places our Reclaimed wood is sourced. Shaped by the passage of time rather than the hand of man, this collection is the foremost expression of timeless quality and natural artistry.

Why Choose Reclaimed Wooden Floorboards?

Reclaimed wooden floorboards are one of the best ways to give a room the feeling of character, warmth, and charm. Unlike new flooring, reclaimed wood bears all the marks and signs of being used before, bringing an element of history to new and older homes. Every floor is unique, with each plank walked over by countless individuals, giving each a story its own.

What is reclaimed wood flooring?

Sourced from Victorian schools, disused factories, old mills and other properties, reclaimed floorboards are one of the best ways to give a room some instant personality. They are usually salvaged from buildings due to demolition or properties set for repurposing or modernization.

Rather than see such beautiful wood end up in landfills or go to waste, they are rescued and given some care before being offered to customers who can let the flooring’s journey continue in their home or property.

Reclaimed wood looks authentic.

Opting for reclaimed floorboards is an excellent choice if you’re looking for timber that bears all the hallmarks of activity and life while bringing warmth to a room.

Each plank can speak for itself with antique and reclaimed timber, with each knot and crack celebrated. The wood’s patina, marks, and even scent give soul, which can be lacking in modern alternatives.

The depth of colour in reclaimed wood is also impossible to replicate, with rustic grooves and grain that can become actual talking points.

If you’re looking for flooring with true provenance, floorboards made from reclaimed wood are a great choice.

Reclaimed floorboards are more durable.

One of the benefits of reclaimed wood is that it was often made from trees that had been left to grow for longer. Floorboards made from “old-growth” were once trees that grew slowly, reaching maturity over decades.

Slow and steady growth produces more durable wood because the material has a higher fibre density. This higher-density wood is now almost impossible to source outside of reclamation, with most old-growth protected.

You can also be sure your floor won’t crack or warp. Old wood has already seen more than its fair share of summers and winters, expanding and contracting countless times with the changes in humidity. The wood has already proven itself durable and able to withstand the test of time.

Reclaimed floorboards are better for the environment

Reclaimed timber has a much lower environmental impact than new wood, with significantly reduced carbon emissions. The high fibre density also traps air, acting as a great insulation layer.

While much effort is being made in sourcing renewable sources of wood for flooring, the fact remains that floorboards made from reclaimed timber mean fewer trees are being cut down, transported, processed, and shipped to stores. Using reclaimed wood means less deforestation.

With new wood often the go-to in construction and renovation work, only 1-2% of projects currently use reclaimed materials, including wood. Currently, over 3,000 tonnes of reusable timber is burnt or thrown into landfills annually in the UK. With the destruction of this wood itself being bad for the environment, reusing wood is a better use of precious resources.

Flooring made from repurposed and reclaimed wood is, therefore, the perfect way to add rustic charm and character to a room while also helping reduce our impact on the environment. As a renewable resource, reclaimed wood is an excellent choice for conscientious people looking for originality in their homes or workspace.