Yoox Net-A-Porter Tech Hub by Grimshaw

Yoox Net-A-Porter Tech Hub by Grimshaw

15th September 2017

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Award-winning British architects, Grimshaw, have created a future-focused environment Yoox Net-A-Porter Tech Hub which reflects its unique position at the intersection of fashion and technology.

The 70,000-sq. ft. space at White City Place is now home to 500 staff; working to further create 100 jobs over the next two years.

An innovative interior design is well on display throughout the space; with The Tech Hub comprising of adaptive areas, use of natural materials, ample greenery with over 2400 individual plants, and innovative furniture with various pods and seating configurations to capitalize on the “creative and collaborative” environment.

The resulting interior look was designed to inspire new, creative ways of working hence striving for quality from the largest impression down to the smallest detail.

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This translates well in the reception area – with a welcoming ambience; housing a desk encased in bronze, and a sculptural ‘arbour walk’ comprising softly-lit timber baffles.

An Innovation Lab is nestled at the end of the arbour walk and provides a key collaboration space. It is home to a digital ‘ideas wall’, allowing up to seven people to work together using mobile technology to manipulate each other’s data.

Various informal and formal spaces can be seen within the building, with five ‘tea houses’ throughout the office designed to encourage interaction.

A multifunctional area which holds up to 175 people, and contains flexible furniture options including stools which are stacked within the walls, is a unique spot for product launches and events.

A cinema-like presentation room offers plush seating for client presentations.

Combined contrasting concepts in design can be witnessed throughout the work environment, with two core themes of the ‘code behind the catwalk’ and ‘London meets Milan’, with the latter embodied through visual references to both locations.

The idea of contrasts is translated into a ‘warp and weft’ aesthetic with complementary materials and colours providing a sense of movement and texture.

A calm and refined atmosphere is created through material choice which includes timber, concrete, velvet, leather, felt, bronze and ceramics.

The centerpiece of the boardroom is a handcrafted table made from solid olive ash with blackened steel legs, accentuated by caramel-toned Italian leather chairs.

Speaking at the launch, Chairman of Grimshaw, Sir Nicholas Grimshaw said,

“This project emerged out of deep discussions with Federico, and it has been a rewarding process to work with a client who champions quality design. The resulting project delivers an inspiring environment for an agile and global workforce, maximizing technology and providing a flexible space for the future.”


Images: Gabriel de la Chapelle, Philip Vile


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