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Aged European Oak Versailles Panel

Aged European Oak Versailles Panel

Price from £175 + VAT per m2

Wide plank: From 240mm width New Wood Solid 100% European Manufacturing Timber Neutral Formaldehyde Free

About: Aged European Oak Versailles Panel

Our European Oak Versailles Panel is available as both engineered or solid. The wood used for this Versailles Panel is sourced from Mountain Oak Trees in Northern Europe, as they provide deeper patinas and extra durability.

The Aged European Oak Versailles Panel wooden flooring will bring to life any room whilst maintaining a rustic French look. This is one of our favourite wooden floors as it creates a feeling of timeless luxury due to its beauty.

It works well in a kitchen, hallway or office. It is available as both engineered and solid wood, giving you the choice of completely solid or engineered panels.

Of European origin, this oak is known as ‘Mountain European Oak and is grown in mountainous areas where there is little water.  This also means the trees grow slowly so the grain of the wood is tighter which is extremely good for the wood structure of the oak trees. This gives a high-quality wooden floor for you, wherever you decide to use it.