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As a long-standing symbol of craftsmanship and design, there is no greater statement floor than parquet flooring. Its shape, form and finish create a sense of elegance and something truly special.

Reclaimed parquet flooring is the epitome of style combined with the natural beauty of reclaimed wood.

The most popular patterns are Herringbone parquet flooring and Chevron parquet flooring. Strip oak is laid in individual pieces to create a superb wooden floor with a border constructed of the same blocks or planks and finished in the same colour.

The grand French Parquet de Versailles is also a popular real wood parquet flooring pattern. This parquet is made from 1m2 panels with a border that uses the same material in plank form. The union of the woods work together to present an individual floor.

Other geometric designs include Chantilly, Chenonceau, Ration and Petit Marly, with each bringing its individuality to any setting.

Parquet flooring offers a selection of different designs and formats. With the clever laying of each piece of wood a masterpiece can unfold in any room.

Panelled parquet floors are, and always will be, the epitome of majestic flooring. The most widely recognised parquet panel in the antique flooring world is Parquet de Versailles, initially a symbol of royal taste and now synonymous with timeless, classical design. Other panel patterns include Chantilly, d’Aremberg, Marie Antoinette and Monticello, while herringbone and chevron block parquets offer a less complex, less expensive, yet equally striking alternative, still ever popular.

There is a wide selection of engineered parquet flooring, from oak parquet flooring to herringbone flooring. Each product is compatible with underfloor heating and can be made in several different sizes and colours. Smaller parquet pieces can make a large room feel smaller whilst larger parquet flooring planks can enhance the sense of space.

Oak parquet flooring also comes in different formats, shapes and sizes. Each batch is slightly different so the colour and texture will vary, giving a unique resulting look.

Wooden Parquet Flooring

At The Reclaimed Flooring Company, we create a range of labour-intensive flooring design finishes for herringbone flooring, chevron oak parquet floors and traditional wooden panel flooring. The colours cover the spectrum, from white to grey parquet flooring and a range of tones in between.

Our collection features an impressive range of solid wood parquet flooring options including the memorable parquet de Versailles in a multitude of colour tones.

Superior Parquet Flooring

All of our finely tuned floor panels are designed to bring a sense of luxury to your property. Whether you select the simplicity of white wood flooring or something more dramatic in grey or black, the final result will be a wooden parquet floor to be enjoyed for years to come.

We’re confident that our collection will satisfy discerning customers with an eye for perfection because we are also perfectionists.


Whether you select a herringbone wood floor or chevron parquet flooring, the overall effect will present a sense of texture that will sit well in both home and business environments.

Parquet flooring for visual integrity

Enhancing your property with wooden flooring is simple at The Reclaimed Flooring Company.  Our showroom hosts some of the most exquisite and exclusive wooden flooring patina creations of parquet flooring in London.

We know it can be overwhelming to find the perfect flooring solution online and that is why we advise clients to purchase sample panels or visit our showroom. We have a range of reclaimed parquet flooring for sale that you can try in your home before committing to a purchase.

We work closely with our customers from the initial design to the production, delivery, installation and aftercare of your floor. Allow us to show you an excellent place to start in a no pressure creative environment.

The process

Reclaimed parquet flooring requires sanding and colouring on site once the material is prepared, whereas harvested parquet floors can be pre-coloured and require no sanding.  Both processes are our forte.

We can also make bespoke engineered or solid oak parquet flooring in a variety of geometric patterns that will suit both modern and traditional environments.