Engineered Wood Flooring

Perfect against Moisture and Underfloor Heating.

Discover Engineered Wood Flooring

Our Engineered Wood Flooring collection is comprised of our largest selection of colours with the best engineered oak flooring and engineered pine flooring platforms in the market. This collection is all about personalities and the balance between the character of a colour and the interior elements that surround it. Specialist patinas created through the layering of organic compounds reveal a true depth of feeling unseen in flat commercial washes. Deep tonal variation and unique flushes of light yield an authentic personality to each product in this collection. Whether you’re in pursuit of refined elegance, simple modernity or warm country ambience the Engineered Wood Flooring collection is the perfect accent to harmonise the home.

Classic and Contemporary Artisan Wood Flooring 

Enhance your home with natural beauty with The Reclaimed Flooring Company. Our flooring is renowned for its precious materials and longevity and we are especially proud of our antique solid oak floorboards. Our flooring boasts deep colour variations and is designed to improve with age so you can rest assured that your dream flooring is only a couple of clicks away. Find them as engineered herringbone, engineered parquet flooring or engineered oak boards.

Beautifully Bespoke 

At The Reclaimed Flooring Company, we don’t like to blend into the background and we know our customer’s don’t either. That’s why we provide you with a beautifully bespoke service that is tailored to your individual needs. Our engineered parquet flooring and engineered planks are bursting with character allowing you to add a unique touch to your home with ease.

Intrigued? Order a Sample Online Today 

We make it easy to find the perfect flooring solution for you. You can order a sample of your favourite pine or oak flooring options and we have a 15-day return policy should you shop with us and change your mind. So whether you want to enhance your home with contemporary artisan wood flooring or antique solid oak flooring, rest assured our products are guaranteed to please. Search our site today, select your preferred surface tone and take home your dream flooring today. Remember that you can order from any location within the UK. We also offer ultra-fast deliveries for London, Manchester and Cheshire.