Supply and Fit offer for new shipment of Ottoman Empire Oak. 2 projects only, 100m2+ orders @ £205m2 plus VAT. NOW SAVE £174.

"A floor is your canvas. It's the statement by which all other elements are set, embodied with spirit, personality, and a heart of its own. Welcome to RFC..."

- Founder, Robert John Henry

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The Reclaimed Flooring Company considers all of its reclaimed wood flooring treasures and tailor made creations to be pioneering vessels of creativity and craftsmanship. The methodology behind sourcing and crafting each piece of wood has been developed through years of experimentation and the collected expertise of hand picked industry professionals. Our belief that nature is the inherent architect is ingrained in each step from the reclamation of unusual timbers to the hand crafting of custom patinas. The cornerstone and culture of RFC is to keep wood just like wood, full of raw character, personality and timeless beauty.

Welcome to RFC….