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Sustainability is at the top of TP Bennet’s Gresham Training Facility in London. We supplied 350m2 of reclaimed pine silver cladding for this project.

Working alongside the Specialist Joinery Group, Workplace Experts and TP Bennett, the final effect achieved is one of contemporary elegance coupled with a vision of modern business.

Our reclaimed silver pine was selected for its weather-worn texture and look and features uniquely on the ceiling and the walls. The silver-grey colour enhances the space and delivers sleek modern lines.

Every piece of wood has been taken from old buildings in Europe and undergoes a transformation to take it to a wood that will last for many more years.

Commonly sourced from reclaimed pine beams and boards over 100-years-old, which contrasts perfectly with the innovative design of the training rooms.

The texture of this reclaimed timber cladding projects a sense of depth and dimension and transforms this working space into an area that promotes creativity and learning.

Credit to Tom Green Photography

The product

Product technical specifications may vary in length and width

Exemplar Environmental Performance for new Gresham Street Training Facility.

TP Bennett