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Reclaimed Engineered Beam Oak Flooring

Price from £125 + VAT per m2

Reclaimed Engineered Timber Neutral

About: Reclaimed Engineered Beam Oak Flooring

Transform any room in your home or commercial premises from dull and simple to sophisticated and elegant, using the Reclaimed Engineered Beam Oak Flooring. This product is supplied unfinished, and is the ideal option for you to bring it to life with any colour or finish you wish.

Fancy some light tones of a nordic wash or the warm ambience of a tanned antique oak?

Whether you’re looking for a subtle pastel colour wash or a shiny varnished surface, these reclaimed beams are the perfect solution to enhance any room.

The best engineered construction backs these French oak floor boards which makes them a great candidate for Under Floor Heating.

French oak originates in France and is produced from pure oak trees. The beams have been used in old buildings before our experts reclaim them for us to make into beautiful French oak flooring for you. All the beams we select are 100% recycled and have stood the passage of time.

About: Our Exclusive Finishes & Colours

Our Exclusive Finishes & Colours

Order a Sample!

Because of our unique methods we use to develop and fix our surface patinas, we recommend samples to be ordered to fully appreciate our natural colours and textures.

There are no samples available for this product

Technical Specification

Do you have a Minimum Order Quantity?

30m2 for all our collections/products

Lead time for Orders

It depends on the product and stock. Please get in touch with us for specific lead times.

Lead time for Samples

Our Samples have a lead time of 5-7 working days for UK destinations. Please get in touch with us for International lead times

Do you export internationally?

We are an international company, we have sales representatives in the USA, UK and Scandinavia. For all other global markets, we are able to provide quotes F.O.B.

Should I be concerned about the colour variation within a product?

If you are concerned about colour variation you can order a sample panel for a refundable deposit. Please remember that we are not creating exact copies of floor panels or hand samples, we are creating individual floors with their own unique personality and charm.

Sizes & Finishes


How to choose the right floor?

Buying a wooden floor is not always an easy process. There are plenty elements worth serious consideration.

Care & Maintenance

Maintaining your floor with the correct care routine is the easiest way to preserve its beauty and safeguard its longevity.

Who are we?

Learn more about our philosophy and passion.

Sizes & Finishes

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