Grande Restoration

Traditional and Curved Surfaces.

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We have always been a company that adores the way time alters and shapes the appearance wood, adding its own special patina over the centuries. Our challenge for this collection was to abbreviate this process while still retaining the classical grace that time lavishes. The most distinctive feature in this collection is the surface undulation typical of grand, ancient European floors. Drawing upon this beauty and tradition we have created the Grande Restoration collection to embody all of the elements of a truly luxurious oak floor. Small board cracks, select knots and occasional soft band saw marks are subtle variations exhibited in this timeless collection. Created with the concept of inheritance, two sub-ranges Castle and Habitat further expand and enrich the Grande Restoration collection in two distinct directions. Castle products play on the idea of inheriting history whereas the Habitat range focuses on inheriting something from the earth.

The Castle range has been calibrated to feature natural undulation and more traditional finishes reminiscent of regal country interiors. Displaying more aged surfaces as if worn by the comings and goings of generations. Each Castle product has rich character and a luxurious polish akin to the Victorian period waxed floors seen in some of England and Europe’s finest listed manors and estates. Simply put Castle products are for those who treasure history and seek to embody that tradition in their home.

The Habitat range was created to emphasize the natural environment of the Earths landscapes. Using the finest solid oak boards each plank is guided and shaped by expert hands creating a natural and subtle surface undulation that is beautifully displayed across the expanse of a room. Paired with scenic colours reflective of the earths landscapes each finish within this range is natural yet noticeably sophisticated. All Habitat products are wire brushed and highly tactile, perfect for those who like to feel the grain of wood against bare feet.